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Everything we do is underpinned by our three values:

  • Hope

  • Community

  • Openness

We bring hope to people affected by brain cancer.

We do this by being pioneers and funding game-changing brain cancer research. Research that uncovers better treatments that will extend the patient’s life expectancy and eventually find a cure.

And all the work we do, - even the work behind the scenes – will be there for all to see. We are committed to openness, especially when it comes to running a low cost, lean and efficient charity to maximise our funding of brain cancer research.


Our Story

“It is all about volunteerism. It is all about the cause, not the running of the charity itself. There is no reason why these cannot run lean.”

- Charlie Teo

Based on the above premise, the Charlie Teo Foundation was launched in 2018.

This Foundation is different, it’s game-changing and it’s pure Charlie. Founded by a maverick, this Foundation is all about radical thinking, about funding brilliant, original minds to go where no researcher has gone before.

The Foundation is also a not-for-profit with a low-cost administration model that’s redefining how charities are run. We are committed to empowering great thinkers and giving them the best chance possible to affect real change for patients and families.


Professor Charlie Teo AM

Charlie Teo is not your typical neurosurgeon. In demand across all continents for his willingness to offer surgery to those who have been given no hope, he has appointments in Australia, the USA, India, Vietnam and Singapore.

As passionate about teaching as performing surgery, Charlie has been awarded Best Teacher awards in both the USA and Australia and devotes 3 months of his time every year instructing and doing live surgery in developing countries.

He has also established a fellowship program that attracts over 600 applicants every year and has trained and mentored neurosurgeons from many of the world’s leading universities such as Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Duke and Harvard Universities.

Prof. Teo strongly believes that a surgeon’s responsibility to his patients shouldn’t end after surgery. In keeping with his desire to find cures for recurrent brain tumours he has raised over $20 million for research. He has done this through the Cure for Life Foundation, the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and currently the Charlie Teo Foundation.

His efforts were recognised in 2011 when he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia, in 2012 when he was invited to give the Australia Day Address to the Nation, and then in 2013 when he was the first non-politician Australian to address the US Congress on the need for more funding for brain cancer research.

Charlie is a father to four beautiful daughters and supports the rights of girls and young women in impoverished countries such as Cambodia and India through various charities including his own Teo Family Foundation.

As a result of this and much more, Prof. Teo has been named the Most Trusted Person in Australia for the last 6 consecutive years.


Scientific Advisory Committee

SAC is led by Dr Charlie Teo. It advises the Board on selection of projects and scientists to be funded by the Charlie Teo Foundation.