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We truly believe this. And that’s why our focus is on funding game-changing brain cancer research. Utilising the power of Charlie’s wonderful community and contacts around the world, we’ll distribute those funds to the best scientists conducting the most innovative brain cancer research.

As expressed in our values, we’ll do this in the most efficient and effective way possible and will show you the steps along our journey to finding a cure. We know we won’t always get it right, but our commitment to openness ensures we will be transparent about them.

Where do donations go?The funds we raise are used in the following ways:

  • "Program Expenses" - the money that goes directly to the cause, in this case the direct distributions and grants for research.

  • "Administrative Expenses" - these are the necessary costs of running the charity and include such expenses as employee salaries, bills, office equipment etc.

  • "Fundraising expenses" - these are the costs of conducting the charity's fundraising activities and events.

Our ethos as a Foundation is based on reducing the amount spent on administrative and fundraising expenses so that the largest amount can be attributed toward program expenses. When we account for our spending, our program expenses include only distributions and grants we give to researchers and research institutions for brain cancer research. All other money we spend is accounted as either administrative or fundraising expenses. We have defined program expenses very strictly so that it only includes money distributed for research.

We invite you to analyse our performance. As our commitment to our donors, we are reporting each quarter as well as audited financial years on our website.

Please feel free to check our detailed audited financial reports submitted to Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

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